MAC teams up with DSquared for new collection

MAC loves DSquaredI can’t keep up with all of these awesome new MAC releases! Now they’ve joined forces with fashion powerhouse DSquared for a new collection filled with color, fun, and a fashion-f0rward attitude. After the jump, check out the products in the 8-piece collection.

DSquared Greasepaint StickIn this new lineup, there are several standout stars. First, the DSquared Greasepaint Stick ($17.50):  I raved about the new original inky black stick on Friday, and now, they’ve released V, a creamy grey-toned deep lavender, and B, a steely grey-toned blue. If you ever take off your stylish oversize DSquared sunglasses, rest assured your eyes will look just as trendy rimmed in this awesome thick liner. If you like these colors at all, grab them now because they are selling faster than even MAC anticipated (straight from a sales associate’s mouth). Use them as a standard eyeliner or smudge the hell out of them for an unbelievably sexy look. Just get your hands on them; I promise you will not be disappointed.

lipstickMy next love is the DSqaured lipstick ($14), in 2 surprisingly trend-resistant, wearable shades that were created for the Fall ’09 DSquared runway. Nude Rose is a go-anywhere creamy light pink that will work on nearly all skintones. Blood Red, a pretty, purple-tinted deep berry, will look great as the weather turns colder.

tinted lip conditionerI also may have to snag the DSquared Tinted Lip Conditioner ($14). A bit heavier than a balm, this drenches lips in hydration while delivering a dose of sheer, pretty color to your lips. Skip the lipstick, skip the gloss, and definitely skip the ChapStick; this is all you need. Available in one hot shade: Fuschia Fix.

sculpt and shapeDSquared Sculpt and Shape Powder ($21)was used to ehance models’ cheekbones on the Fall ’09 DSqaured runway (as if they needed it). This split-pan compact contains a sheer, shimmery face powder (Bone Beige) paired with a bronzed, tawny shade flecked with shimmer (Emphasize). Use Emphasize first, just underneath cheekbones; swipe it from the temples down toward the chin in a fluid motion. Sweeping it on under cheekbones provides a shadowy effect, making cheekbones appear more prominent, and the entire face more sculpted. Blend it and give your entire face allover coverage with Bone Beige; when you blend this over the Emphasize powder, it will diffuse the effect and make it look more natural and God-given, as opposed to cosmetically blessed. Who needs great bone structure when you can fake it for $21? As part of this collection, MAC also took the guesswork out of selecting the right brush by throwing in the 165 Tapered Cheek and Highlight Brush ($34). Use this to maximize the benefits of Sculpt and Shape. It’s the perfect size for the steps I mentioned above.

lip eraseHere’s one I’m not crazy about: DSquared Lip Erase ($16). This is meant to “erase” your lips from your face — I’m not kidding. It removes all traces of color from lips, making them virtually disappear from the face. Umm, why?! While some designers may desire this effect on the runway for artistic purposes, it’s just not practical on real life. You’ll look dead if you try to erase your lips. Don’t do it.

The last 2 items in the collection are the original Greasepaint Stick (originally part of last week’s awesome Style Black release), and the Kohl Power Eye Pencil.

Overall, this collection is fashion-forward yet highly wearable. Some of the colors may seem to pop on your screen, but they’re sheer, so they’ll be less severe when applied. And trust me, the Greasepaint Stick in V and B is a great alternative if you’re hesitant to try the bold black Greasepaint. You’ll still get that sexy, smudgy look (if you want), but the colors are subtler, so it won’t be as in-your-face.

One thought on “MAC teams up with DSquared for new collection

  1. I got the DSquared2 lip conditioner, and it goes on very sheer — it ends up being a light pop of pink on your lips, not the bold fuschia that it looks like in the tube.

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